Believe & Achieve was created by the multiple time black belt world champion Mendes Bros with the purpose to provide a positive impact in the sport and inspire young athletes to chase their dreams.

"Looking back we now see that God placed so many different people in our lives that helped us accomplish our goals over the years. We've witnessed firsthand the power that jiu jitsu has to transform one's life, and now it's our turn to give back and provide those same opportunities that we received in the past to others. The Believe & Achieve Athlete Development Program allows us to do that." -- Rafael & Gui Mendes


After launching the Athlete Development Program in 2016, the program continues to grow and is dedicated to instilling qualities and characteristics into young athletes to help them become more than just champions on the mat. The goal is to provide them with all the tools and training necessary to not only allow them to build their name in the sport but also to learn how to properly and professionally manage their careers along the way. Funding for the program is raised from merchandise sales, events and donations and will continue to be put towards the development of our athletes. 

Applications for the ADP are currently closed.